Hand made ceramic urns. Original designs to contain either a token or full quantity of ash



Anthropomorphic designs for contemporary loss.  Alternative designs for those seeking something different.

Urns are fired to both stoneware and earthenware. Stoneware is suitable for outdoor settings as it is frost proof. Earthenware terracotta and vessels made with mixed clay types have a particular aesthetic appeal whilst still being robust.

The designs are available in various clay types and colours. Terracotta is a popular choice as this references iron age artefacts more, but black, buff and raku are all in stock.


Choose your design and size

You can choose from 6 designs:

  • the hand sized urn - £200

  • the couple urn - £200

  • the urn with arms - £300 (selection shown in water shot)

  • the medium sized urn - £350-£800

  • the large urn - £800-£1000 -  suitable for a full quota of ash from a large adult 

  • the animal form urn £200-£500

  • price range within each design reflects added options such as inlay work

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Contact Alan to discuss your urn and arrange your delivery. Urns can also be made to order.  Deliver will take 4 days to 10 days depending on demand. 


To discuss further email - alanbraidford@btinternet.com


Prices and delivery

Prices range from £200 for the hand sized urns to £1000 for the larger pieces.

These prices do not include posting which will vary from £20 to £50 within the UK.

The smaller urns can be sealed with moldable glue or sealing wax, then embossed with a stamp. Larger sculptures ( terracotta earthenware pair shown right) are best sealed with epoxy resin as a bonding agent. I have attached a video clip below to demonstrate this process.



This venture grew out of my sculptural work. Through an interest in Neolithic and Iron Age forms I developed a series of contemporary designs that feel appropriate for the current age. Once a design has been refined, slip and press mould techniques are used in small batch reproduction.



This is a new website. I plan to improve it with links and video clips that inform and explain the motivation and creative engagement behind the venture.

Generally, the idea is to provide an artefact that has sculptural values, without resorting to the iconography commonly associated with death. 

A very important aspect of my designs is that the artefact is  tactile with curves and ridges that reference the body without being overtly sentimental.

To contain human ash, a symbolic human form feels appropriate and allows for a creative and imaginative link to the figurative solutions of our ancestors.



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