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Large Urn

Shown here are two terracotta full sized urns: 55cm tall This vessel will contain a full quota of ash from a cremation. The hole is in the base through which ash can be inserted. The hole is best sealed with epoxy resin.This design comes in buff, black and terracotta. Another possibility is to have it made in a combination of clay types.

The version here is earthenware. Stoneware versions are also available ( see above image in river setting) which are more suitable for outdoor settings as they are frost proof. It looks good on a plinth: £800 -£1000.

Couple Urn

The couple urn is designed to contain a token of ash from each partner. The opening is on the back. This is best sealed with sealing wax as a strong but temporary solution. They are available in terracotta, buff and black.It is designed to be handled: £200, 12cm wide.

Hand sized Urn

This design is suitable for those wishing to keep a symbolic quantity of ash in a manageable form. The hole is to the rear and can be sealed with sealing wax. Available in buff, black, terracotta and raku. It is designed to be handled: £200, 19cm tall.

Urn with Arms

This is a medium sized urn and will house a good proportion of ash from most cremations. The hole is in the base and is best sealed with epoxy resin. It comes in a variety of clay types; as shown. It is more expressive of grief and loss. It works well on a base or amongst foliage. The collection shown are all stoneware/frostproof:£300, 39cm tall.

Animal Form Urn

The image shown is of two animal form urns. They developed from a sculptural, narrative based project; were not originally designed as urns. This particular format has a combination of terracotta with buff earthenwareware clay triangular inserts and costs £500. A simpler format in either terracotta, black or buff clay in either stoneware or earthenware is available at £250. The simpler format has more of a Neolithic aesthetic.They could be used for either pet or human ash. Suitable for display or kept as a tactile artefact: 32cm long.

Medium Sized Urn

The image shown here is of two medium sized urns in terracotta with triangular additions in buff/white earthenware -£800.It is also available in terracotta, black, buff and raku versions. £350 -£400. The hole is on the base and can be sealed with either epoxy resin or sealing wax.

This urn is large enough to contain the full quota of ash from most cremations.

A tactile sculpture designed to be held or displayed: 40cm tall.

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